The dream of each business is to be the highest result that comes up when someone hits enter within thesearch bar,
but most companies are unaware of the way to make their website appear on Google search first results.
However, having a thought about how Google search algorithms work increases the probabilities of getting this
coveted position.
Here is a simple description of what are Google’s main ranking factors and the way to form an internet sitesearchable
with program Optimization (SEO). In fact, an SEO service (UK based or not), should address of these 
aspects thoroughly.
1. Search Intent
It is not enough to repeat a keyword over and once again on a page. albeit the keyword matches exactly
what the user has typed, that doesn’t mean that the web site will appear within the first results.
Instead, it’s a far better strategy to incorporate the keyword a few of times along the text and supply useful
information in order that the person will click on the web site when her intent is accomplished. this may make
Google perceive the web site as useful for the people and put it on the highest of the list.
2. Topic Authority
Just as discussed above, instead of repeating an equivalent keyword, it’s better to spread it amidst appropriate
If an internet site provides several articles associated with a specific search, Google will recognize it as an authority in
that topic and provides it priority over other sources.
3. Content length
Especially on the web , people want to urge what they have fast. If they fulfill their objective with the
content provided by one page, it’s unlikely that they’re going to still search through other results. In this 
sense, research has demonstrated that the highest 10 results on Google usually correspond to content that’sover
2,000 words.
That might be contrary to sense , but if the knowledge is well organized and therefore the ideas flow through
the text, users are more likely to remain interested.
At last, it must be said that this is often only a summary of how Google’s main ranking factors work.
Understanding how search algorithms act may be a complex task and it’d be better to outsource it to an SEO
service. UK business can, as an example specialise in their core activity and leave the diligence for an SEO UK
specialist who will optimize the web site content to form it reach the highest search results.